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Frequently Asked Questions:

POSTED ON December 19th  - POSTED IN General
.:A�What is the difference between marble and granite?

The main difference between granite and marble is that granite is a highly dense material composed deep inside the earth’s core while marble is formed from sediments under the sea bed. Both solidify into stone after millions of years, but the mineral composition of the two stones makes granite and marble react differently to various chemicals in your home. Granite is stain resistant and stronger than marble making for a great heavy traffic, outdoor or kitchen application. Marble is softer and better suited for light traffic, decorative or bathroom applications.

.:A�Will my stone come to my home pre-sealed?

Absolutely. Your granite/marble/limestone/onyx will come PERMANENTLY SEALED. The sealer that we are going to apply will always be there as long as you don’t use bleach, ammonia, vinegar or acidic chemicals to clean your surfaces. These chemicals eat away at the sealer. If you feel you’ve used a cleanser on a regular basis that contains these chemicals, please have the stone resealed ASAP. The ideal solution is to use a cleanser made for stone that also disinfects. Another great alternative is dish detergent. It’s safe on stone and it breaks up oils, bacteria and other germs. As for the softer stones such as marble, limestone and travertine, over time the sealer may start sinking lower than surface.A� You may want to do a re-seal years down the line if it seems like one is needed.A�